Understanding Depression

  • Depression is your avatar telling you it’s tired of being the character you’re trying to play. - Jim Carry
  • When you struggle with a mood disorder like depression you may feel tired, lost and a pervasive sadness from inside but to the outside world it’s all ‘fine.’
  • Here are some interesting reads, to aid your understanding of the experience before you decide to seek help.
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Understanding Anxiety

  • We all experience anxiety in some ways. It is a natural emotion that helps us all to prepare for the worse.
  • A lot of times, this fine line of what’s natural anxiety and an episode of excessive anxiety gets blurred. If you are experiencing breathlessness, constant heart pumping and find your spirits getting damp by thinking of the future you might want to read about anxiety.
  • Here are a few articles to support you.
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  • Several mental health-related barriers exist in society today.
  • Mind Piper works tirelessly towards eradicating these hurdles and creating mental health awareness.
  • Here are a few mental health-related articles including experiences, testimonials, etc.
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  • One may feel mentally unfit due to circumstantial reasons.
  • Here are a few reads regarding how work and other important aspects of your life may affect your mental health.
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  • Mind Piper encourages its stakeholders to speak openly about mental health.
  • Here are a few heart-to-heart notes that are written by a few of them.
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  • It is almost inevitable to learn about mental health practices from the socio-cultural lens
  • It brings a real transformation in how we perceive mental health at the ground level.
  • Here are a few articles analyzing the same for you.


  • Creativity and art have shown tremendous effects on people suffering from mental health concerns.
  • A new innovative space for art therapy is in place for people to feel better about themselves.
  • At Mind Piper we encourage our clients to share their musings. Here are a few of them.